Why Roulette Systems Don’t Work

It is probably no exaggeration to say that every roulette system sold over the internet these days has at least one failed in the test of time. To defy the laws of probability is the fervour of many gamblers, and rake in the cash necessary to sustain the lifestyle they live in daily. But first, a pertinent question: if every roulette system sold today had a fail-safe roulette system, there would still be roulette.

Think about that: if every roulette system sold today were a guaranteed win, the casinos would still make money, and everybody would still lose their shirts. You can even call it the paradox of gambling, where the one thing that could prevent you from walking away a winner is that system you bought just yesterday.

The apparent paradox could be misconstrued, but the truth is that there are some ways to increase your chances of winning at roulette, or even guarantee your success. In actual fact, there is no “guarantee” in any game of chance. Everything is subject to chance, or probability. The assumption that there is a right way to go, a path that will bring you triumph, is called progress.

Everybody wants to win big at roulette, or any other game of chance. The promise of riches and answering to no one save your credit card is tempting, and there are systems that claim you can win at roulette. So you give up trying to win, or worse, you give up studying the game, or worse yet, you steal the wallet from your poor unsuspecting brother.

Good gamblers learn through time to specialize in a game of chance. After all, if there is no way to increase your chances, what is the point of trying? John storms into the desert, alone and penniless, yet again looking for water. He is not interested in rote memory or rote progression, he instead keenly wants to think, learn and feel things through-though not mindlessly, he is prepared to take the long term and learn the game completely.

Even the blind luck of dice, shuffled and proliferated over the years, can provide the direction necessary for an individual to advance. It is from the chaos that interesting patterns and trends begin to form.

Free roulette systems are marketing ploys, sold by half-truths and backdoor methods. Hardly ever do they deliver what they promise. The majority of so-called free betting systems, tutorials and roulette tips are worse than useless, from the perspective of a healthy gambler. If you are looking for a sure bet, you know where you can find one. For all the Fruit Machines and Casinos out there, you can always return to the roulette wheel.

From the time we are toddlers right through to our golden years, we learn through experience. Sometimes we don’t understand, but most of us grow out of it. Few if any of us can remove the experience from our lives. My older brother brings up the point, if you try too hard. He thinks it is silly, but he is right.

If you try too hard, you end up taking money away from those who produce it. It is an Around-the-clock job, but you never get tired. Occasionally you may take a break and the after effects of this are alwaysMemoriessthat stick with you forever.

There is more to life than feeling depressed. Satisfaction is something you can live with and will always be better than any drug or alcohol. Sometimes you might win a bit and then lose it, and feel the opposite. But you know that you are having fun, and that is the most you can ask for.

If you want to know how to win on slot machines, then you need to understand that winning is a progression. Each play only increases your chances of winning in the future. Some machines are not set to pay out in multiples, but if you see a pattern, you will know how to win at slot machines.

The pattern will begin with your first play, and continue into the future after all of the reels stop. If you see a pattern, even in the simplest form, you will know how to win at slot machines. Just see a pattern and know the winnings to switch to the requisite winnings.

On your first play, always bet the maximum on every hand. If you win, you will win big. It’s a start. You can continue, if you want, to build on this win. However, to build on a win requires enough money to attain the ??? and sequential payout combination.

Slot machine win systems like the Whittemore progression, 3 brands of machine history, number of rolls versus payout, or win/lose ratios are worthless.