The European Fur Breeders' Association (EFBA),
is the European umbrella organisation of 21 national fur breeders’
associations. EFBA works to promote a realistic public image of
European fur-farming based on openness and transparency…

› Mission

EFBA represents European fur farmers’ interests at both European and international institutions. To fulfill its mission, EFBA participates proactively in the development of a legislative framework and business conditions where all European fur farmers can compete effectively for sustainable growth as well as proudly meeting consumers’ demand for information about product origin. EFBA contributes to the development of best practices to respond to these specific areas by encouraging scientific research.

› Objectives

  • Promote awareness and knowledge of the fur-farming sector in Europe.
  • Maintain the European fur-farming sector as a worldwide leader in best practices
    (e.g. animal welfare) by participating proactively in scientific research.
  • Strive to standardise European practices and legislation based on both high welfare
    standards and socio-economic sustainability.
  • Promote a proud and realistic image of the fur-farming sector in public opinion and among European representatives.


The first open farm event in Sweden had great turnout


This Sunday, the first open farm event took place in Sweden and around 400 people showed - some even traveling up to 400 km just to visit the mink farm.

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Open farm in Denmark, Norway and Sweden


On Sunday, 10 fur farms opened up for the public in Denmark and nearly 5000 people spent their Sunday afternoon in the company of their families, mink puppies, and fur farmers. The 10 open farms were spread wide around the country and besides the owners of the farm, many other fur farmers volunteered to come and give guided tours to the many visitors. Besides holding 2-3 weeks old mink puppies and hearing about the life on a mink farm, the visitors could have a cup of coffee, eat a hotdogs and the children could play around on bouncy castles. Sunday was also the day for Norway to host an open farm event with four open farms and also here the visitors could enjoy the possibility to hold and see the new mink puppies. Sweden will open their doors this Sunday on the 19th of May and this will be the first time that the Swedish Fur Breeders’ Association is arranging an event in a mink farm for the public.

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Poland has joined EFBA


On Thursday 11. April, 340 fur farmers in Poland will officially become members of the European Fur Breeders' Association (EFBA). This happens at EFBA's Annual General Meeting in Sirmione, Italy. With a production of 5,4 million mink skins in 2012, Poland is becoming a heavy weight in the European fur production sector. extra money for trading The Polish production makes up more than 15% of the total European production - and is likely to grow further. Mr. Daniel Chmielewski, Chairman of the Polish Fur Breeders' Association, says: "Exchange of information, experience and knowledge is an extremely valuable tool to establish a modern and professional department of agriculture. Drawing on best practices of foreign breeders on how to run a farm, we are also increasing the quality of breeding in Poland. We also know that, thanks to the cooperation with an actively engaged organisation like EFBA, we will be able to better represent the interest of Polish breeders on the global market. We also hope that our experience and some of the solutions we have will help other European farmers."

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